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For the use of Improve Mobile app
(version 1.0)


The Improve Mobile app is an application from Open HealthHub B.V.

Using this app you can receive treatment information and fill out questionnaires, if you have received an invitation from your healthcare professional (e.g. your doctor).

Below you can read what the conditions are for using this app and how your personal data will be handled.


This app is made available to you to enable you to view the information provided by your healthcare professional and to complete and share the questionnaires created by your healthcare professional. It is not permitted to use this app for any other purpose.

The link provided to you to access the information and questionnaires referred to above is for personal use only. Because privacy-sensitive information is stored on your mobile device via the app, you are advised not to share your login details with third parties. You are responsible for the use of your account and login details.

It is not permitted to use the app in a way that impedes its proper functioning, breaches security or causes damage to the app or third parties. Reverse engineering or further distribution of the app is not permitted.


Open HealthHub endeavours to make and keep this app safely available. However, Open HealthHub does not guarantee that this app will always be available and free of errors, defects, malware or viruses.

Open HealthHub is not liable for any damages or costs incurred by you or third parties as a result of the use or inability to use the app, unless:

  • the concerned damage is caused by deliberate or wilful recklessness by Open HealthHub;
  • the damage is caused by Open HealthHub violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when processing your personal data, unless Open HealthHub proves that it is in no way responsible for the damage-causing fact.


When using this app, personal data is processed by Open HealthHub. Open HealthHub processes your personal data in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data (including the GDPR and the specific rules that apply to health information systems).

You can read more information in the privacy regulations.

Questions or complaints?

In case of questions or complaints about the use of this app, please contact:

Open HealthHub B.V.
JIM (6th floor Beatrix Theater)
Jaarbeursplein 6
3521 AL Utrecht
Chamber of commerce number: 64377679
Phone number: +31 85 333 0007