Training courses for
healthcare providers and researchers

Our training courses are aimed to provide healthcare professionals with tips, tricks and best practices to optimize eHealth, ePRO and interoperability processes and results.

Our training opportunities

Improve Canvas training

In this training you will learn how to organize a workshop with your healthcare organization to design a care module and patient journey. You learn how you can map the care process with multiple stakeholders. You will also learn which information and questions (lists) your patient needs to go through the patient journey. More information about the Improve canvas can be found here:

Improve Designer training

With this training you and your colleagues will learn how to make the best use of the Improve designer to create your own studies, care modules or patient education. After attending this training you will have an understanding of how to use Improve and Improve designer. You will learn to use the best practices do’s and dont’s experiences and insights from other users. You will be able to independently use Improve designer for your healthcare process. More information about the Improve Designer can be found here:

Interoperability & API’s

Being able to automatically add data from medical devices and questionnaires to the EHR file of the patient offers one of the most significant ways to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. The training focusses on the FHIR format, using our open API’s, and integrating our Hub in your digital infrastructure.

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