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Many healthcare organisations struggle with collecting and viewing patient data. Limited by the constraints of healthcare information systems, such as their EHR, they often work with non-editable medical forms to collect patient data, and are restricted in the way they can visualise patient data within their EHR. Frustrated by limited or costly customisation, they turn to point solutions, only solving a part of the problem. In a time with increasing demands being placed on healthcare an integrated solution is needed that makes organisations more flexible and less dependent on their healthcare information systems.

Simplify data collection, boost patient care

Revolutionise patient data collection with our advanced platform for digital medical forms and home measurements. Create forms effortlessly, share them with patients in a user-friendly way, and view all collected data directly on your own screen.

“By filling out the questionnaire, the patient is well prepared for the appointment. Also, we get a complete picture of the patient in advance.”

Sander SteijnsSander Steijns, Nurse Specialist MUMC+

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Experience the next level of secure data collection with our full enterprise suite, specifically designed for the medical field. The Open Health Hub platform offers an innovative solution for creating, distributing, and managing all of your medical forms, while ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality of your data.

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